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Açaí + Guarana Smoothie Pack

. Extremely high concentration of antioxidants (anthocyanins)

. Omega Fatty Acids 6 & 9 

. Vitamins & Minerals

. Fibres & Proteins

Açaí a gift of nature

Being healthy isn’t the only thing which makes açaí so popular, the key is in its taste. The mix of chocolat - berry - nuts is really a unique flavour to be discovered and appreciated.

+ Always Fresh and Convenient...

There is only 1 way to eat unfrozen fresh açaí, therefore you need to travel to the North of Brazil and go into the rain forest where the açaí, hand picked in the morning, is eaten at lunch as a side dish with fish rice and beans.

Fortunately, we have a solution: our manufacturer processes the fresh berries immediately after harvesting, following super strict food safety regulations and packing it immediately into your trusted ataste packaging. It easily stores in your freezer, so a delicious açaí bowl is always within reach. Our frozen smoothie packs make it easy for you to prepare it freshly whenever you want to enjoy it.

+ A Taste of Brazil...

Pure açaí has this typical bitter chocolate taste, in Brazil people started to add guarana syrup to sweeten the taste and to add some more energy to the mix. The result is the famous açaí na tijéla, sold on every corner in Brazil. Never go to Rio without trying the açaí na tijéla, you will love it for sure and discover that it is made of exactly the same ingredients as our very own ataste Amazon Boost smoothie pack. Ideal for direct use in smoothies, sorbets and breakfast bowls. Find out how to make your own açaí na tijéla (fresh sorbet) right below.