Who we are

In Short —

Ataste is a small Ghent based company, specialized in sourcing, importing, exporting, distributing, marketing, branding and selling açaí… as long as it has something to do with açaí. Thanks to Belgium’s well developed market  economy we can outsource a lot of activities such as storage, distribution, graphic design and a lot more, always keeping our vision and high quality standard in mind.


Hi, my name is Laurent, born in 1983 and raised at the Belgian coast, I grew up with my lovely family and discovered the fun and benefits of travelling since a very young age thanks to my grandfather and my mom. Being quite hyper active I have always been practicing a variety of sports, swimming, athletics, skateboarding, basketball, snowboarding, martial arts and more. At the same time I learned to work efficiently in the hotel/restaurant of my grandparents where I was taught to ‘never walk around with empty hands’.

+ Details...

At the age of 18 I moved to Ghent where I started studying engineering. I loved the summer and my holiday job as a life guard so I studied hard to pass all my exams so I could reward myself with 3 months of vacation. Spain always appealed to me, that’s why when I had the chance to go there for 4 months on Erasmus I didn’t hesitate an instant. Discovering this city and learning fluent Spanish are great assets I still benefit from to this very day.

After my graduation in 2005 as an Industrial Engineer in automation I travelled around South-America for 4 months, mainly Venezuela and Peru. It’s hard not to fall in love with this amazingly warm and open culture, needless to say that I had the time of my life. Back in Belgium - and reality - I started my career as a Project Manager for a small company specialised in food processing equipment. A few years later I wanted to do something more commercial and ended up as Sales Support Engineer for a multinational manufacturer of stainless steel machines for the food industry.

+ Beginning...

Working for a boss is difficult when you are a smart ass, so in 2010 I started this ataste project with two friends and a lot of help from many other friends and family. Our mission was - and still is - to become the number 1 açaí brand in Europe. Many things have happened in the past few years, it sure hasn’t been an easy road, but I find pleasure in challenging myself over and over again, strongly determined to never give up and keep doing what I believe in.