Mango IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C

Mango IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C


What is it?

Super easy to use, frozen drops of mango puree, 1 drop or pellet is 8g of 100% pulp, no additives whatsoever.

No need for a blender, you can just shake them with water or juice or (rice/soy) milk, at home or on the go, anytime instant fresh mango juice, welcome to the future :)

Why mango?

Not just any mango, we present to you Mister Mango Alfonso, the sweetest, softest most delicious mango out there! Its taste, its texture, its color… it seems too good to be true. Not a fruit lover yet? Welcome to your new life!

“Shake it, taste it”; how to use?

  • Shake 12 mango pellets with 200ml of water, fresh juice or dairy, serve and taste.

  • Shake 12 passion pellets with 200ml of water, serve and taste, sweeten if you like.

  • Add some passion fruit pellets and boost your favourite smoothie with Iron.

  • Experiment with dairy, add some mango fruit pellets to your yoghurt or vegan alternatives such as rice and soy products.

  • Fill your shaker with drops, put the shaker in your bag, go train, after training: add water, shake and spoil yourself with your fresh self made juice immediately after your workout. #lifehack