Smoothie Pack Papaya (Mamao)

Smoothie Pack Papaya (Mamao)


What is it?

Easy to use smoothie pack containing 100g of papaya fruit puree.

Perfect for 1 serving. Not concentrate based, no additives, only fruit pulp.

Blend with fresh or frozen fruits, juice, dairy, water or …

Combine fruits, spoil your body and be happy!

What is papaya?

Even though a papaya can easily be bigger than a melon, it is a berry with a yellow/green color which turns to an amber to orange hue when ripe. The flesh is juicy, soft, rich in flavour with exquisite texture and contains a lot of Vitamine C.

Our papaya is sourced strictly from Brazil.

How to use?

Popular Juice > 1 papaya smoothie pack, 200 ml of fresh orange juice.

Smoothie > 1 smoothie pack; fresh or frozen fruits; 100ml water or juice or dairy (all kinds of yoghurts) or their soy, rice, nuts alternatives

Bowl > 2 smoothie packs, fresh or frozen fruits (melon, mango, kiwi, …) and 50ml water or juice or dairy (all kinds of yoghurts) and their soy, rice, nuts alternatives

Combine with > pineapple, orange, apple, açaí, berries, cherries, plums, acerola, …