Smoothie Pack Graviola

Smoothie Pack Graviola


What is it?

Easy to use smoothie pack containing 100g of graviola / soursop fruit puree.

Perfect for 1 juice or smoothie. Not concentrate based, no additives, only fruit pulp.

Blend with resh or frozen fruits, some juice, dairy, water, …

Combine fruits, eat well and stay healthy!

What is graviola?

A tropical prickly long green fruit with a weight up to 6 - 7 kg with a delicious white pulp inside. The pulp is used for juices, smoothies, sorbets, ice creams, … Our graviola is sourced strictly from Brazil.

How to use?

Juice > 1 graviola smoothie pack; 200 ml of water or fresh apple juice.

Smoothie > 1 smoothie pack; some fresh or frozen fruits; 100ml water, juice, dairy (all kinds of yoghurts) or their soy, rice, nuts alternatives

Bowl > 2 smoothie packs, some fresh fruits (banana, guava, açaí, …) and 50ml water or juice or dairy (all kinds of yoghurts) and their soy, rice, nuts alternatives

Combine with > guava, apple, açaí, mango, blue berries, black currant, orange, papaya