Coconut IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C

Coconut IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C


What is it?

Super easy to use, frozen drops of coconut puree, 1 drop or pellet is 8g of 100% pulp, no additives whatsoever.

No need for a blender, you can just shake them with juice or (rice/soy) milk, at home or on the go, anytime instant fresh coco juice, you’re welcome ;)

Why coco?

Your smoothies will never be the same again thanks to the soft creamy taste and rich texture of coco. Add the fact that coco is packed with natural saturated fat providing you with energy and a source of minerals such as FE, Mg, Zn. Win-Win-Win!!

“Shake it, taste it”; how to use?

  • Shake 8 coconut pellets with 200ml of fresh juice of rice milk, serve and taste.

  • Coconut pellets will soften the taste of your smoothie and add some creaminess to its texture.

  • Experiment with dairy or alternatives such as rice and soy products.

  • Piña Colada? We also have frozen pineapple pulp, it’s your lucky day!