Acerola IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C

Acerola IQF Pellets 1kg -18°C


What is it?

Super easy to use frozen drops of acerola fruit puree. 1 drop or pellet is approximately 8g of acerola pulp, no additives whatsoever. No need for a blender, just shake them with water or juice, at home or on the go. Instant fresh juice at any time, your healthy fix, you’re welcome.

What is acerola?

A tropical orange-red cherry with a citric taste and packed with Vitamine C, our acerola is sourced strictly from the North of Brazil.

How to use? “Shake it, taste it”

  • Shake 8 acerola pellets with 200ml of fresh orange juice, serve and taste. You can add some coco pellets for that creamy effect!

  • Add some acerola pellets and boost your favourite smoothie with Vitamine C.

  • Experiment with dairy, add some acerola pellets to your yoghurt or alternatives such as rice and soy products.

  • Fill your shaker with drops, put the shaker in your bag, go train, after training: add water, shake and drink your fresh juice immediately after your workout.