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What we do




Healthier people are happier people!

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle will increase a person’s overall happiness as explained on our ATASTE LIFE page. Happiness and positivity are contagious, therefore happy people have a positive effect on the people in their immediate environment. This environment consists of everyone we see around us: friends, family, colleagues but also strangers in the street. Smiles have the same effect on people as rays of sunlight. Happy people will be more compassionate and ready to help others. When people take care of each other, or take positive initiatives, others will be inspired to do so likewise. This formula is the key to a grassroots movement which will improve the quality of life of all people. This may sound idealistic, yet having a big dream is crucial in order to keep ourselves motivated and to arm ourselves with determination. We at ataste have faith that the world can be a better place for a lot of people, and it all starts with education.



Happy people on a healthy planet

We can’t live without the air that we breathe, the water we drink or the food that we eat, therefore we depend 100% on our environment. By now most people are aware of the enormous challenges we face concerning climate change, water shortage, rising sea levels, vicious storms... The time to change is now, to try and fix the damage we caused. By changing our habits, teaching our friends and family and adopting a conscious lifestyle for our own sake, and to protect the planet.


More than words

Talk is cheap. We at Ataste do our utmost to live up to our mission statement. How? Ataste promotes a healthy lifestyle, through sports and nutrition, to improve people’s health and happiness. Second we ensure a sustainable, social - and ecofriendly business model.

Discover how we do this in 4 steps.

+ 1: Sourcing

Ataste sources its products from the North of Brazil, a region where poverty and crime endangers a lot of people. By buying products from local manufacturers, people can work in a professional environment, find education and take part in a sustainable business model such as working on (açaí) farms or at the fruit processing companies. It may sound easy, but the reality is that a lot of people are forced to do whatever they can to make ends meet, even if it means illegal mining or crimes against others or the planet. We hope to grow, so that our impact on the region increases, in order to create more job opportunities there and help families provide for themselves.

+ 2: Sustainability

Ataste doesn’t assume that local companies protect and educate their workers, we go there in person to screen our partners/providers and their farms to ensure the sustainable business model is applied. On a yearly basis we follow up on the projects and people involved. We venture into the Amazon Forest to visit the farmers, ask them about their life, about their work and if their kids are attending school.

+ 3: Ecofriendly

Ataste uses the most efficient mode of transport, with the lowest possible impact on the environment. We only import 40 foot containers (the big ones) which are packed with product and ship them from Brazil to Belgium by sea. No polluting air transport, no energy wasting half empty containers. We strive to make our operations as ecological as can be.

+ 4: Ataste Sports

Ataste promotes sports, and as we are closely connected to Brazil, have a strong affinity with those who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and are familiar with our products. This is how we came in contact with this wonderful sport, and why we started sponsoring our first BJJ athlete in 2010. Over the years this has developed into a complete sponsored team #atastebjj with its own website,instagram and facebook page. We help experienced fighters to live from their sport, so they can compete and teach, as well as the young talented generation struggling to combine studies, work and BJJ. Full support for those who work hard to achieve their dreams, by sponsoring them we hope we can improve their future, even just a little bit.