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Treinamento ataste equipe BJJ @ Brasa

Treinamento ataste equipe BJJ @ Brasa

This weekend the very first ‘ataste equipe bjj’ training took place, which was an enormous success. After exchanging some advanced guard passing techniques we sparred for 8 times 7 minutes with 8 black belts, 3 brown belts, 3 purple belts and 2 blue belts. Unfortunately Jordy got struck by the flu and couldn’t make it, but we were very happy to see Fran in good shape and working hard with the rest of the team. Add Fran, Wim, Kenny and Victor to our 5 honored black belt guests: Jackson Paulo (Manimal), Renan Funério (Shocx Boi JJ), Koen Smets (Behring JJ), Remco Rettob (Brasa) en Zohair Abouchaib (Brasa). Throw a couple of their young talented students and competitors to the mix and you’ll understand the tatami at Brasa Leuven was on fire. Special thanks to Wim for hosting this event at their great dojo! Up to edition #2